Custom Made abutments and implant

Custom-made abutments and implant treatment are advanced dental procedures that MGM Dental offers to help patients restore their missing teeth and regain full dental function. Our experienced dental professionals use the latest technology and techniques to create custom-made abutments and implants that are tailored to each patient's unique dental needs.

At MGM Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care and ensuring their satisfaction with our services. If you are interested in custom-made abutments and implant treatment, contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you restore your smile and dental function.

Benefits of Custom Made abutments and implant

Custom-made abutments and implants offer several benefits for patients who require dental implants. They can improve the fit, function, and aesthetics of the teeth and mouth, provide long-lasting results, and reduce the risk of complications.

  • Improved Fit
  • Precision Placement
  • Personalized Treatment
  • Better Bone Preservation
  • Reduced Risk of Complications

process of treatment


Our dental professionals will evaluate your dental discuss the options for custom-made abutments and implant treatment.

Abutment fabrication:

We fabricate the custom-made abutment, which is the part that connects the implant to the crown.

Crown selection:

We select the appropriate crown for your implant, taking into consideration your natural teeth’s colour and shape.

Final fitting:

Once the crown and abutment are complete, we will fit them in your mouth and ensure that they are comfortable and functional.

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